Fred F. Silk Planetarium

Digital Planetarium Projector

In September of 2017, the Wilderness Center installed a new digital planetarium projector that was purchased from Digitalis Education Solutions. The dome was repainted with a shade of gray more suitable for digital projectors. The projector offers many tools to promote the advancement of astronomy education to students and the general public. With a few changes, you can view the sky from modern day Chile or from Egypt during the building of the Pyramids, or you can travel to another planet or star.

Public Viewing Night Programming

Robin performing a planetarium show
Educator Robin Gill performs a planetarium show.

There will always be a planetarium show prior to each public viewing night (the first Friday of the month) at The Wilderness Center. This will take place if it is clear or cloudy. The show will be about the current night sky. The show starts at 8:00 pm throughout the year.

Major funding for the maintenance of the planetarium was made possible by the Jane Mahoney Foundation

Major funding for the Astronomy Education Building was made possible by The Fred F. Silk Foundation